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Egypt holds massive protest in Tahrir square

July 8, 2011


Frustration with the Egyptian military Friday fueled the largest nationwide protest since longtime President Hosni Mubarak’s ouster.

Trials for military officials have been postponed. The military has continued to engage in violence against protesters.

While I feel SCAF should try to postpone September’s elections to allow other parties to gather strength, it has been slow to introduce or announce any reforms. That has sent a bad message to Egyptians, one that leads them to believe the military establishment intends to hold onto its same level of power even after elections. Surely, the protests against Mubarak were just as much against SCAF.

Mubarak relied heavily on the secretive military, which has assumed the role of interim government until September elections. Suppression tactics that led to violence last week that left hundreds of protesters injured and has some believing Mubarak’s legacy lives on with the military.

Egypt had been under emergency rule since 1967, which extended police powers, suspended some constitutional rights and allowed the military to easily detain people and censor newspapers. Mubarak entrusted his secretive military/police force, SCAF, to keep order in the country and his people subservient to the president. SCAF has rounded up “subversives” for years and used torture for years to maintain fear and subordination.



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